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ASP.NET Development Server and Firefox

I tend to use the bundled asp.net development server during development and it does a pretty good job at it. I was having some trouble with one of my database, and decided to restore it. After I restored the database, I fired the website from visual studio (using the development server of course) I noticed that the website was not working as usual. The website had a few ComponentArt UI components and was throwing all sorts of javascript errors (most of them syntactical). Well, even though I definitely regretted restoring the database, I had a feeling that it was not the database that is causing this problem.

One thing that creeped up was the recent firefox update to I was starting to wonder if that was the culprit. So decided to check on it. Fortunately, I had another machine that was running I was unable to access the development server URL from the other machine(which should be the case), So I went to IIS, setup a website, pointing it to the same directory as the development server. Then I accessed the website on Firefox and found that everything was fine. But hold on a sec, What if the problem is with the asp.net development server and not with the latest release of Firefox?

I went back to Firefox and fired the website from IIS and bingo everything was working as usual. So it definitely is a problem with the development server. Another problem solved 🙂