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BlogML importer for WordPress 2.5

I had a blog server which I felt compelled to migrate to WordPress 2.5. The existing blog server can only emit the data in the BlogML format. So I set out to find an BlogML importer for WordPress 2.5. I stumbled upon Aaron’s post on importing to wordpress. So here is what needs to be done:

  • Downloaded WordPress BlogML import module from Aarons site (
  • Upload a copy of the BlogML.php file to your wp-admin/import folder
  • Edit the file and change the PATH_TO_CURRENT_DIRECTORY to point to the folder where import.php exists.
  • Download the PHP XPath library 3.5 from Sourceforge
  • Upload a copy of the XPath.class.php file to your wp-admin/import folder

We are all set now. Just go to your wordpress admin page and navigate to Manage -> Import. If all is well, then you should see an entry for BlogML. Just click on the link and follow directions to import the BlogML file into your WordPress blog.

PS:  Once you click on the BlogML link on the import page if you are unable to view the “Upload file and import” button then don’t worry, just open up the BlogML.php file and modify the following lines:

// Instantiate and register the importer
if(function_exists(‘register_importer’)) {
    $blogml_import = new BlogML_Import();
    register_importer(‘blogml’, ‘BlogML’, (‘Import posts, comments, users, and categories from a BlogML file’), array ($blogml_import, ‘dispatch’));


// Instantiate and register the importer
//if(function_exists(‘register_importer’)) {
    $blogml_import = new BlogML_Import();
    register_importer(‘blogml’, ‘BlogML’, (‘Import posts, comments, users, and categories from a BlogML file’), array ($blogml_import, ‘dispatch’));


Many thanks to Aaron for the plugin.

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BlogJet and Windows Live Writer

I’ve been using Blogjet trial for a while and I should say I was content with the features it provided. But the downside is that I had to shell out 30 or so dollars to get a licensed version of the same. Well, I am not a hardcore blogger and I just write for fun. And spending money on my past time.. i don’t think so. Just when my Blogjet trial was about to run out.. i came across Windows Live Writer Beta.

Well, I am impressed. First of all, its free and the best part is that it supports not just windows live spaces (where has Microsoft monopoly gone?) but a whole bunch of other 3rd party blogging services like WordPress and Blogger. But of course, Live spaces and Sharepoint weblogs do have a little more features in the live writer.

Here are a few features that i love in Live Writer:

  • Paste as HTML
  • Insert tables
  • Split Posts
  • Spell Check and Auto Correct
  • Plug-ins to extend live writer
  • Add new categories to your weblog

Live Writer wins hands down against BlogJet. Remember they are still in beta, but i would say that they have done a splendid job of getting this one out. Finally Redmond has started to realize that there is a lot more out there than just Windows and Office 🙂 Give it a whirl and I am sure you will love it.


Check out

I have just signed up on

Its a free service from Telligent systems, the makers of Telligent Community Server.

I’ve always wanted to blog. But the idea of logging in to a blog site to post something is not what i fancy. allows you to publish directly to your favorite blog just by sending a mail.

This post is from my gmail account. I never logged into wordpress for this. This is cool and it works!

To know more check out: and for a list of supported blogs:

The catch is in the free service, a link saying “Published with Blogmailr” is added to every single post. If you do not want the same you can opt in for the premium account. But for the ease of use matters and the link back.. well i can live with that.

Hopefully this service will allow me to post more on my blog!