XEP generated PDF and Export As

 Recently I had to edit a PDF that was not created by me. Even though, I had the trial version of Adobe Acrobat Pro 8, editing a PDF directly is painstakingly slow and cumbersome. So I decided to export the PDF as a word document, make the changes and republish the document as a PDF file back again. Sounds like a plan.. and so i thought.

Once i tried exporting the file, Acrobat threw this error:

Bad PDF. Invalid loaded page. <Bad PDF; error in processing fonts: bad type0 font>


I found out that the PDF was created using the XEP PDF Generator from RenderX. Little bit of Googling  I came across this link which outlines the exact same problem. Gosh no replies.

The solution: I just went ahead and printed out the PDF as a PDF using the Adobe PDF writer πŸ˜‰ So now i was left with a Adobe made PDF file. The export as word document command worked like a charm on the new document. Hurray!!!

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