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BlogJet and Windows Live Writer

I’ve been using Blogjet trial for a while and I should say I was content with the features it provided. But the downside is that I had to shell out 30 or so dollars to get a licensed version of the same. Well, I am not a hardcore blogger and I just write for fun. And spending money on my past time.. i don’t think so. Just when my Blogjet trial was about to run out.. i came across Windows Live Writer Beta.

Well, I am impressed. First of all, its free and the best part is that it supports not just windows live spaces (where has Microsoft monopoly gone?) but a whole bunch of other 3rd party blogging services like WordPress and Blogger. But of course, Live spaces and Sharepoint weblogs do have a little more features in the live writer.

Here are a few features that i love in Live Writer:

  • Paste as HTML
  • Insert tables
  • Split Posts
  • Spell Check and Auto Correct
  • Plug-ins to extend live writer
  • Add new categories to your weblog

Live Writer wins hands down against BlogJet. Remember they are still in beta, but i would say that they have done a splendid job of getting this one out. Finally Redmond has started to realize that there is a lot more out there than just Windows and Office 🙂 Give it a whirl and I am sure you will love it.

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