Microsoft, Technical

Windows Server Core

Microsoft has finally decided to come with a stripped down console only version (isn’t this a little late? better late than never huh!) of the Windows Server 2008 called the Server Core. This provides a low maintenance high performance server which might come in handy to administrators of server farms especially. There is no UI in the core install and none available through a remote session as well. The core can be used as a

  • File/Print
  • Active Directory
  • DNS
  • Streaming media
  • Failover cluster
  • Backup
  • SNMP
  • WINS
  • IIS 7.0

The latest addition to CTP Beta 3 is Internet Information Services. Which allows you to host websites in Server Core. Because there is no support for managed code in server core, IIS 7.0 running on Server Core will not be able to host ASP.NET websites (!) and people at Redmond are not sure if they can include it before the final release. Apart from this the server core and IIS sounds promising to lot of enthusiasts. We can only wait and watch now for Microsoft to unveil the operating system to get a feel of the final list of features supported in the Server Core.  

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