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Updating Identity Columns in SQL Server

Identity columns are kind of a helpful feature. But there might be times when you would want to change the value of an identity column.Guess what, SQL server does not allow it. I have not come across a way by which you can update the identity column but there sure is a way to insert one.

SET Identity_Insert <TableName> ON

Now you will be able to insert a value into the identity column. Once done just revert the above statement to what follows to avoid unnecessary inserts:

SET Identity_Insert <TableName> OFF

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BlogJet and Windows Live Writer

I’ve been using Blogjet trial for a while and I should say I was content with the features it provided. But the downside is that I had to shell out 30 or so dollars to get a licensed version of the same. Well, I am not a hardcore blogger and I just write for fun. And spending money on my past time.. i don’t think so. Just when my Blogjet trial was about to run out.. i came across Windows Live Writer Beta.

Well, I am impressed. First of all, its free and the best part is that it supports not just windows live spaces (where has Microsoft monopoly gone?) but a whole bunch of other 3rd party blogging services like WordPress and Blogger. But of course, Live spaces and Sharepoint weblogs do have a little more features in the live writer.

Here are a few features that i love in Live Writer:

  • Paste as HTML
  • Insert tables
  • Split Posts
  • Spell Check and Auto Correct
  • Plug-ins to extend live writer
  • Add new categories to your weblog

Live Writer wins hands down against BlogJet. Remember they are still in beta, but i would say that they have done a splendid job of getting this one out. Finally Redmond has started to realize that there is a lot more out there than just Windows and Office 🙂 Give it a whirl and I am sure you will love it.


Google Apps & Appliance

Looks like Google is all set to pep up its Search Appliance business as it looks like its getting an overwhelming response for the same.

This has been marked by the agreement to accquire Postini, that offers hosted security and compliance solutions for email, IM, and other web-based communications.

Accquiring Postini, has come as a surprise to many. Especially to Symantec, who are the leaders in the domain. This accquisition would make Google a global competitor.

Also, for those interested in Google and are capable of getting through, check this out – Google is hiring Software Engineers to work on the Appliance project from their India Headquarters located in Hyderabad

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Windows Server Core

Microsoft has finally decided to come with a stripped down console only version (isn’t this a little late? better late than never huh!) of the Windows Server 2008 called the Server Core. This provides a low maintenance high performance server which might come in handy to administrators of server farms especially. There is no UI in the core install and none available through a remote session as well. The core can be used as a

  • File/Print
  • Active Directory
  • DNS
  • Streaming media
  • Failover cluster
  • Backup
  • SNMP
  • WINS
  • IIS 7.0

The latest addition to CTP Beta 3 is Internet Information Services. Which allows you to host websites in Server Core. Because there is no support for managed code in server core, IIS 7.0 running on Server Core will not be able to host ASP.NET websites (!) and people at Redmond are not sure if they can include it before the final release. Apart from this the server core and IIS sounds promising to lot of enthusiasts. We can only wait and watch now for Microsoft to unveil the operating system to get a feel of the final list of features supported in the Server Core.  


Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is going to be out today and yes as before it has stirred some amount of curiosity in the younger generation. My views about the potter movies: they are kinda incrementally good

I have always liked the last one better than the one before except for the exception of the Prisoner of Azkaban. I somehow thought it lacked a lot of things that the one before offered. It had been fun to watch these movies even though i am not officially a teenager!! Especially to watch these kids mature on screen.

Hermoine Granger


Lets go on a Safari

Its been a while since Apple came out with their beta version of Safari. For those of you who are not aware, Safari is a web browser that existed in Macintosh Machines. So, when apple plunged into the PC market, well everyone noticed. I decided to take it for a ride and this is what i felt… They have tried to emulate macintosh in windows. For those who were comfortable with the PC, Safari is not going to be easy. For example, you can only resize the browser window from the bottom right corner. The text was not all that clear and was fuzzy all over. But flash animations played a lot more smoother than in IE. Ablity to resize textboxes in any web page and good Inline Search feature draws user attention. The bottom line is:  If you are a microsoft fan : stick to IE, if you are a Firefox user, you can get your hands on addons that will get the features available in Safari. If you want to test your luck.. you can download the beta version of Safari for Windows here!

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